Jerry’s Bio

•  Advisor to Broadcasting & New Media

•  Professor of Music Industry, University of Southern California (04-08)

•  Former TV and Radio Broadcaster

•  Major Market Radio Program Director

•  Founder of Inside Radio



I am not an objective reporter and I am not a spokesperson or representative in any way for media industry companies, vendors or other parties that try to influence the media domain.   I am an observer using my background in radio, radio programming, television, publishing and my academic skills obtained from being a college professor in the areas of music, broadcasting, mobile content as well as new and generational media.  My observations are subjective.

I don’t accept money in return for promotional consideration.  Advertising is available in Inside Music Media however there is absolutely no quid pro quo.  When I am asked to serve as a consultant or provide services to media companies that I write about, I disclose that association publicly.  I don’t accept trips, gifts or any other consideration.

I don’t own stock in the broadcast companies, record labels or new media companies that I write about.  If I did I would disclose it, but when the market declined I can tell you how happy I was to have this policy — I am among the few who never lost money in radio because I have not owned their stock while publishing Inside Music Media. Once I owned some Clear Channel stock when I was in between Inside Radio and Inside Music Media and I am proud to say I got out at $35 a share.   My 401K plan also does not include radio or record industry stocks.

I have written positively and negatively about the goings on in the radio, records and new media industries trying to use whatever sense of humor I may have and what teaching skills I can muster from my years teaching at USC.  In spite of the fact that I may be critical of some companies and media policies I always try to dislike the deed and not the person.  Sometimes this isn’t easy, but I try.  

I appreciate readers who value the right of free speech that we enjoy in our country that makes it possible for me to communicate my observations.  In return I do not filtyer or edit and reader comments unless they are extremely profane or libelous to folks other than me.